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Our Team


Our first director has an Advance Professional Diploma in Special Education, an International Diploma in Montessori & Pedagogy and also certificate in Child Psychology & Development. She has 7 years of working experience in Montessori Teaching, 5 years practicing ABA Therapy with children that has autism and did her Internship in Learning Connections.

She enjoys working with children and have attended training sessions that would help benefit children with special education needs such as OT & Speech Therapy workshop, Sensory Dysfunction workshop and also Behavioural Management workshop.

She is also updated on the current trend of special education through various seminars and workshops that include Child Psychology and Development, Creative Arts for Young Children, Nursery and Classroom Management, First Aid, Sensory Dysfunction and Facilitating Speech & Language for Children with Special needs.


Our second director has a passion for children with special education needs. She obtained her Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and an Advance Professional Diploma in Special Education. She has many years of experience working with children with special education needs, and worked as a teacher in Kinderland for a year,  ​a Personal Learning Assistant at British International School for 3 years, and had been an ABA Therapist since January 2011 till now. ​

She is also constantly updated on the current trend of special education in Malaysia through various workshops and seminars such as Teaching Children with Autism using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Teaching Functional Language to Children with Autism and Language Delay, Managing Behaviours, Workshop on Teaching Mathematics to Young Children & Children with Special Needs, International Conference for Autism, ADHD and Developmental Disorders and Going to the heart of Autism with Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Program.

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapist
Emma is a pediatric speech and language therapist, graduated from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Science. She is a member of the Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing Association (MASH). She is also certified in the Hanen More than Words programme.

She enjoys working with children and adolescents with various needs in the area of speech, language, communication social skills and feeding. As a multilingual speaker, she is trained to provide speech and language therapy services in English, Mandarin and Malay language.

She incorporates play and daily routines in therapy to create an enjoyable, functional and natural communication environment. She also believes that trainings are crucial for educating parents and teachers to support the individual with special needs to reach their maximum potentials.

In her free time, Emma enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, singing, baking and reading. She also volunteers as a staff in a holiday white water summer camp for youths and a children holiday program during school holidays.


Our consultant has an Advance Professional Diploma in Special Education and is currently obtaining her Masters in Counselling at HELP University. ​She has been working with children since 2004 and as a special needs facilitator since 2013. 

Her experience includes developing memory through games, bringing picture books to life and helping to take the fear out of math. 

She enjoys working with children. She is confident of her unique skills to support children with special educational needs and is dedicated to nurturing their growth. 

Clinical Psychologist

Our Clinical Psychologist has a Master of clinical psychologist from the National Chung Cheng University of Taiwan. She also has a Bachelor of science of psychology from the National Chung Cheng University of Taiwan. 


She is a full member of the Malaysia society of clinical psychology (Member no: CPI-0152), and is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Taiwan (License No.1165).

She specializes in provide training for emotionally disturbed children, teenagers and adults, providing assessments for child development, intelligence, emotional tests, autism, ADHD, dyslexia screening and diagnostic, neuropsychology tests, provide training in parenting skills, emotional stress management, facilitate social skills groups for children with Autism Spectrum disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, is a HRDF Trainer, and provides teaching courses such as Sleep management, Emotional management, Effective Interpersonal Communication and Self Awareness.

Special Needs Teacher

Our first special needs teacher has a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours (Counselling Psychology)

from the University of Malaysia Sabah. She is registered with the Malaysian Board of Counsellors: (Registered number: KB 07522 PA 07064), and has been and ABA Therapist since 2017 till now. 

She has also attended various workshops such as the ​Family Counselling Workshop of 12th Malaysian Chinese Counselling Conference, Basic Paediatric First Aid, CPR & AED Training, Parenting for Success workshop: Unleash Your Child’s Potential and the Special Needs Symposium 2018.

Special Needs Teacher 

Our lead teacher has a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Psychology from Sunway and Lancaster University and is currently pursuing her masters in Education Psychology. 


She has been working with children since 2009 till current, as a reading center teacher for 3 years, and provides center based and home-based therapy for children with Autism since 2013 till now. 

Special Needs Teacher

She has a degree in Psychology from HELP University and she obtained a Master's in Applied Child Psychology from Nottingham Trent University in UK. 

She has working experience in teaching kindergarten after completed her undergraduate since 2015. Then, she decided to commit herself to the special education field. She also did her internship before pursuing a Master's degree. Since then, she has been working as a special needs teacher till now.

Special Needs Teacher

Another special needs teacher has Bachelor Degree of Psychology with Honors major in Child and Family from University Malaysia Sabah. She has been working closely with children with special needs since 2017.

She conducted Fine Motor Intervention for child with Global Development Delay as part of her research. She aslo work as Behaviour Technician that Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach to the autistic and attention deficit hyper disorder children. Besides, she aslo provide after school tutoring to enhance their academic learning. 

Despite her limited experience, she is looking forward to equip herself with various workshops and courses. 

Special Needs Teacher

Our next special needs teacher has obtained Diploma in Social Science (Counselling) and Bachelor Degree of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. He is currently pursuing Master in counselling in order to further his knowledge in the field of psychology. 

He worked as special need teacher in N.A.S.O.M which is known as National Autism Society of Malaysia during his internship. Then, he worked as a volunteer teacher in an orphanage since year 2017. Furthermore, he is in charge of organizing Life Line Association Malaysia's Art Therapy Workshop in year 2018, which was associated with National Visual Arts Gallery (LPSVN).