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Meet The Team!


Iris, Chong 

Director | Special Education Needs Consultant, Early Intervention 

Iris is a Special Education Needs Consultant; she obtained a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Dika College Malaysia before earning a Professional Advanced Certification in Special Education from Open University Malaysia (OUM). She has more than 10 years of experience working with special education needs children. She has experience working as an ABA therapist and she also worked as a shadow aide in the British International School in assisting children with special needs to explore and learn in the school setting.

She founded THINK Enrichment Centre in 2018 and her mission is to assist children with special education needs to build a foundation of independence, cultivate social and emotional development, and enable academic growth through the cooperation of the team and the family members. She works closely with other specialists and professionals such as the Consultant Developmental Paediatrician, Clinical Psychologist, Speech-Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Physiotherapist.

She has worked with numerous special education needs children of varying ages and needs through the years. Her expertise includes developing an Individualize Education Plan based on the child’s interests, strengths, and needs, teacher training, and parent consultation. Her passion for working with special needs children comes from the moment that she watches the children learn something new and meet their milestones. She believes that every child is gifted and deserves an opportunity to learn and grow in a happy environment.


Joanne, Goh 

School Psychologist

Joanne is a Wisconsin Certified School Psychologist with a Master’s (M.S.Ed) and Education Specialist (Ed.S) Degrees in School Psychology from University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA. She received her Bachelor Degree (B.A) in Psychology from Bemidji State University, USA.

Joanne worked as a School Psychologist in the elementary school setting in Wisconsin prior to returning to Malaysia. She has several years of experience working in a multidiscipline intervention centre in Kuala Lumpur. Her experience includes psycho-educational assessment, individual and social group intervention, screening and progress monitoring, functional behavioural assessment (FBA), and Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP). She has experience working with children with learning disabilities, developmental delay, emotional and behavioural difficulties, autism, ADHD and others. 

She has passion for working with children and young adults with special needs. She works closely with families, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals to create safe and supportive learning environments.


Zia Wei, Chee

Senior Speech-Language Therapist

Zia Wei started practicing as a speech-language therapist (SLT) in 2008. She received her credentials of Bachelor in Speech Sciences from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and Master of Philosophy (Education) from the University of Nottingham. In the past, she has had the opportunity to work in numerous settings, such as public hospitals, private hospitals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and private early intervention centres.


Besides that, she is also a member of the Malaysian Association of Speech-Language & Hearing (MASH), Hanen Membership for Speech-Language Pathologists, and The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL).


She is passionate about conducting training for parents and teachers and providing a comprehensive assessment and intervention to children with delayed speech and language, social communication disorders, special educational needs, motor speech disorders, and oral motor and feeding challenges. She is a firm believer in a holistic approach, hence, she enjoys working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team.


Poh Yin, Chong

Senior Occupational Therapist 

Poh Yin is a registered Occupational Therapist who graduated from Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC), Malaysia in 2014. She also graduated from the Certification Course in Program of Essential Competencies in Sensory Integration (PECSI).

In addition, she has attended different professional training and workshops to enhance her knowledge base and improve her clinical skills. She enjoys working with children and she believes every child is unique in their own way. From working in NGO setting to private setting, she remained to use the same goal and mission to help people who are in need. She is proficient in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


Hui Hua, Beh

Senior Occupational Therapist

Hui Hua is a dedicated Occupational Therapist with a commitment to enhancing the lives of children with special needs. She holds a BSc in Occupational Therapy from Perdana University, where she graduated in 2021. She is always looking forward to further study to enhance her skills. Her journey began with diverse clinical experiences, including a clinical visit to Chiang Mai, which enriched her understanding of pediatric care.

In her career, she has practiced in both hospital and private settings, honing her skills in assessing and treating children with unique needs. The joy she finds in working with children, regardless of their age, is immeasurable. Her approach is centered on developing personalized therapy programs for each child and assisting their parents in understanding their condition and needs during daily life.


Joanne, Lau

Music Therapist

Joanne, Registered music therapist. She holds a Bachelor of music therapy from Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and is now a committee of Malaysia Music Therapy Association (MMTA).

After her internship in Peking University Cancer Hospital, Joanne returned to Malaysia in 2017 to serve the local community. With over 8 years of experience in music therapy, Joanne currently works with children with special needs in Klang Valley as a freelancer.

She conducts group music therapy at multiple schools of special education. She also conducts 1-1 therapy session at two music centres and house visit as well. In 2019, Joanne carried out her first workshop titled “How Music Helps Cancer Patients to Release Stress, Pain and Insomnia ” in Kuching, Sarawak.


Joy Munga Apon 


Joy completed her Diploma in Physiotherapy at

Mahsa University College (2010). She has over

10 years of clinical experience in handling children with disability such as pediatric neurology rehab, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, global developmental delay and autism for low muscle tone.


She attended many courses in treating children with special needs and learn how to deal with their emotions and behaviors. Treating children with special needs has its challenges, but she is able to combine fun therapy and science-based techniques to help the children achieve full potential and improve their quality of life.


Mui Kuin, Chow

Registered and Licensed Counsellor

Mui Kuin is a Registered and Licensed Counsellor who graduated from Universiti Malaysia Sabah earning a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours in Counselling Psychology. She is also a Special Needs Therapist. Her passion and dedication to working with children with special education needs motivate her to pursue her studies in Special Education.

In 2019, she proceeded to obtain her Master of Education in Special Education at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Through the years, she has experience working with children with special education needs and different abilities. She believes that every child with special education needs has a different learning style and educating the children in the way they learn is significant to help them to become better learners.


Suat Chin, Lau

Centre Supervisor

Suat Chin graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at HELP University. “I always believe being different is special” has become part of the reason she involved herself in the special needs field. She encountered a minority of children with mild learning difficulties when she was a preschool teacher and helping them improve gave her a sense of achievement. Since then, she has pursued her Master’s Degree in Child Psychology in United Kingdom.

She has been teaching children with a wide range of conditions such as ASD, ADHD, GDD, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, and other learning disabilities in homeschool and centre since 2017. She is capable of planning programs and implementing interventions such as IEP and EIP to improve children’s learning in terms of academic, social, and behavioural development. She is also an adaptable and motivated therapist with experience in applying a holistic approach in teaching. 



Sin Nie, Lim 

Senior Therapist

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College


Wei Jun, Tan 

Senior Therapist

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

HELP University


Shu Xian, Tan

Senior Therapist

Bachelor Degree in Psychology


International University of Malaya-Wales


Melanie, Khoo

Senior Therapist

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

HELP University


Poh Yee, Chong

Playgroup Leader

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management

University of Greenwich


Pui Ting, Lai

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College


Carmen, Ong

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

SEGi College


Chiow Yee, Yau

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) Psychology

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


Jing Qi, Teoh

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

HELP University


An Chyi, Tan

Bachelor of Business Psychology

HELP University


Jac Sze, Goo

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

HELP University


Pravena Paramesvaran

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

University of Cyberjaya


Li Yun, Chong

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology

University of Portsmouth


Jeannit, Lim

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology

University of Portsmouth


Pui Yan, Foong

Bachelor Degree in Special Education

Beijing Normal University


Magdelene, Chua

Master of Child Psychology


USCI University


Yong Le, Yap 

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College


Ler Hwei, Wong

Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy

Beijing Normal University

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