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  • Facilitate children to be independent able to solve their own problems and do things for themselves.

  • Provide a preschool experience that will simplify adjustment to kindergarten and other social situations.


  • Provide an opportunity for children to learn to develop a comfortable relationship with adults other than family.

  • Extend and enrich children's understanding of the world.

  • Increase children's ability to handle their emotions constructively.

  • Provide whole environments, indoor ,outdoor and extended, to serve the physical, social, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

  • Enable teachers and parents become more aware of the child’s world & understand his/her behavior, based upon a knowledge of growth & development.

  • Commit to our own professional development and personal growth.

  • Ensure and continuously improve our services to meet the needs of the children and families we service.

  • Promote respectful; warm and caring; honest and open; fair and equitable relationships we have with children, families and teachers.

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