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Established in October 2018, THINK Enrichment Centre is a one-stop supportive learning establishment offering various enrichment programmes and assessments for children with special education needs from 2 years old and above.
THINK strives to provide a child-focused learning environment where its emergent curriculum is based entirely on the interests, strengths and needs of the individual child.
To ensure the best assessment of each child's learning needs, THINK works in close partnership with several external health specialists and therapists, such as Clinical Psychologist, Speech Therapist, and Special Needs Teacher who will come to the center on an appointment basis and work closely with the child individually. A purpose-built establishment, THINK is adequately equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate children with all sorts of learning differences. Ergo, every detail of THINK facility has been designed with children with special education needs in mind, ensuring each child has access to a programme that best suits his/her needs.

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