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School Readiness Program

The transition to school marks a significant milestone in a child's life. Ensuring a child is fully prepared for school is crucial, as it affects their socialization and learning abilities in the future. Efforts to facilitate a smooth adjustment to school can significantly influence a child's long-term academic success.

A child with special educational needs is considered school-ready when:

  • They demonstrate early cognitive, social, and self-regulation skills.

  • They have benefited from high-quality early intervention programs.

  • They are in an environment with a favorable student-to-teacher ratio, which supports school readiness.

Our program is designed to foster independence in children as they begin school, enabling them to integrate and adapt to the conventional classroom through inclusive practices. We strive to cultivate an understanding of classroom instructions, assisting children in selecting and focusing on information crucial for effective learning. Our learning environment is tailored to ensure comfort and growth alongside peers, with each classroom hosting small groups of 2 to 3 children at similar developmental stages.

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