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Preparing the child to enter school, ready to engage with teachers and peers and ready to learn effectively.

A map that lays out the program of special education instruction, support and services that the child needs to make progress and succeed in school.

Early intervention programs are designed to help young children who have developmental delays or specific health conditions to catch up and increases their chances for success in school and life overall.

Helps children with special needs do things they want and need through the therapeutic use of daily activities.

A program used to help children who have difficulty speaking, through the use of  training and repetitive exercises and use of devices that can make it easier for some children to speak.

A process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about the child and their behavior, personality and capabilities

A safe way for parents to allow children to engage socially with other people and try new things. Playing in a group can broaden the child's social network, through meeting with other children from the same age group

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Art Therapy

An art class which contains acrylic painting, Chinese Brush Painting, Expressive Art, Abstract Art, Creative crafts, Oil pastel, Clay Soulpting, Drawing and Painting

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